About Cocoon Wellness Center


CNM, Owner and Director of Cocoon Wellness Center

I founded Cocoon for a simple reason: I wanted there to be a safe, nurturing, light-hearted place to both give and receive care. That vision led to the creation of Cocoon.  

Since 1997 I have attended more than 1,500 births in hospitals, community birth centers, and homes.

I practice an integrative, holistic style of functional healthcare. I suggest interventions carefully, with consideration to the entire situation.

I bring both intellect and intuition to the work I do, combining the best scientific evidence with a powerful internal sense of what is happening in the moment with a client, family and baby.

Here at Cocoon, our most basic value is respect. Whoever you are, however you see yourself, whatever your background is, that is respected as having its own sovereignty.

Cocoon is the culmination of my life’s work as a midwife. At the same time, Cocoon isn’t my birth center. It belongs to the community. It belongs to you.


Amber Abbey, RN

Nurse Manager and Compliance Officer


My name is Amber. I have been an OB nurse since 2003, working in the hospital setting in various roles, caring for moms, parents, and babies both term and preterm. I place high value on assisting with early breastfeeding, as I feel this sets the framework for lifelong nutrition, as well as bonding.  

Since becoming a nurse I have created a beautiful family, including my loving boyfriend Aaron and three boys Carter (16), Waylon (12), and Nicholas (3). In my free time I have taken on homesteading, with the goal of self-sufficiency. I love to garden! My love of gardening and OB were both sparked years ago by a coworker who planted the seeds in my heart to assist with bringing all sorts of new life into the world.


Allison Smigiel, RNC-OB, BSN, IBCLC

Lactation Specialist and Prenatal Educator

Hi I am Allison,

As a registered nurse, lactation consultant, and health coach, I am an avid believer in using evidence-informed knowledge, intuition, and curiosity to support families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I have 10-plus years of experience working as an RN in labor & delivery in the hospital setting. After that time I felt compelled to find a more holistic way of helping perinatal families.  That led me to become a board-certified lactation consultant, women’s health coach, and start a business.  As the owner of Allison Smigiel LLC, I have been able to find unique ways of fostering women’s health. One of which has been joining the team at Cocoon as a birth assistant, lactation consultant, and childbirth educator.


Becky Bobb, LPN

Hello I am Becky, I have worked in Labor and Delivery for 6 years. I enjoy working with families and assisting with bringing new life into the world. I also enjoy assisting with breastfeeding as I have experience both personally and professionally.


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Ann Marie Stedge, Office Manager

Sharon Baranyk, Billing Specialist

I retired from the billing/reimbursement department from Guthrie after about 30 years.  This included  educating staff and provider the billing requirements for clean claim filing the first time.  Tracking the denial of claims so as to assist the set up and maintenance of a claim scrubber.

Over the years  I touched all parts of the coding/billing/reimbursement service, but the majority was spent ensuring my departments were informed of the billing/insurance requirements.

I enjoyed my job, my favorite part was the assignment cpt and diagnosis codes of the service provided, this included reading charts and applying the rules to each note and getting the most reimbursement for the service.

I really like helping each of our patients with their billing and helping them get as much back as possible but this is more challenging with deductibles, in or out of network, and finally denials for, lack of a better term, stupid reasons.


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