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So you've explored the website, decided you're interested... but you want to sort-of try before you buy? Good News! You can take a complementary tour and ask all your questions in person. You can choose a small group tour, or schedule one-on-one time.

The group is awesome because, especially for partners (or your mom) who didn't think of this idea themselves, community birth options can sometimes freak them out. Talking with other folks who are considering this birth option can be a confidence booster for your closest supporter. Both of you get to benefit from hearing all the questions that the other folks ask but you might not have thought of, which is incredibly helpful. I love the group tours because they are very dynamic and build real-world community connections. Participants realize they are not alone in wanting what they want for their birth. It's very validating.

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Or if you want time to absorb the space, ask personal questions, and get a sense of the "vibe" at Cocoon without extra people around, go ahead and schedule your own hour to come and do just that. This option offers more scheduling flexibility, and you can bring anyone you want with you, including big siblings. Both options are offered as a give-back to the community.

If you take the tour and decide that this isn't the place for you, no worries! When you're able to make free and truly informed choices you're much happier with your experience in the long run.

Individual tours are scheduled at everyone's convenience. Early evening is available when needed.

Group tours are offered at 10:00 AM on the first Saturday of the month.

Please submit the form below if you are interested in a tour and we will reach out to schedule. Or, give us a call at: (607) 249-4900.

Note: Tours may need to be rescheduled on short notice due to unexpected labor/births. 

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Once a month we offer a small group tour with a few expectant parents. There's something invigorating about sharing this experience with other like-minded folks who are also considering this community birth setting. Everyone benefits from hearing each other's questions. And often people will share numbers and meet up later, starting ongoing friendships that support their parenting moving forward. Group tours are at 10am on the first Saturday of the month.