Cocoon services currently include birth & breakfast, wellness, and birth control/fertility. 

Watch here for more services coming soon!

Birth & Breakfast

Cocoon Wellness and Birth Center's unique "birth and breakfast" experience brings the comfort of a vacation getaway to your labor and birth! We offer a cozy home environment where you and your birth support team can spend your labor and immediate recovery following your birth. Our specialist midwifery and nursing staff will always be close by if you need support… and to clean up after the big event! In the safety of our spacious remodeled historic residence, you can make your birth experience as intimate and undisturbed as you desire. Bundle up your pregnancy and birth care with: 

  • prenatal visits
  • birth and breakfast room access
  • postpartum support and home visits
  • newborn care

...and more!

Your care plan will be customized to fit your goals for your birth experience. 

Also offering lactation care. Supported is truly best! Our team can help you build the confidence to nourish your baby, thanks to prenatal education and ongoing lactation support.

A new mother embracing her newborn baby after a natural pool home birth

Holistic Wellness Care

Achieve your wellness goals at Cocoon Wellness and Birth! We embrace multiple domains-- including emotional, mental, spiritual and physical-- to support your holistic wellbeing. Even if you have not used our birth and breakfast facilities during your birth, you are welcome to engage us for regular healthcare across your lifespan! We offer:

  • annual exams
  • primary care
  • gynecological services

Midwife Jen will be your ally as you strive for optimal wellbeing!


Sometimes, what should be natural does not come easily. If you are still trying to conceive, she can teach you how to optimize your fertility in many ways, including cycle charting and nutritional counseling for you and your partner. Cocoon Wellness and Birth Center provides non-judgmental support at every stage of your reproductive journey, which at different stages may include:

  • family planning services
  • comprehensive holistic fertility support
  • ecological lactation care

We believe you can do it-- but that does not mean you need to do it alone!

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