Social Media Policy

Cocoon Wellness and Birth Center is a full-scope midwifery and wellness services provider. We pride ourselves on honoring each individual and our ability to support your autonomy in your unique experience. From our cozy location in Waverly, New York, we serve individuals, parents, babies, and growing families across the New York Southern Tier and Pennsylvania Endless Mountains region. That said, social media allows us to reach a much larger audience. 

With that in mind, we ask you to remember that our community is composed of people who come from different vantage points, each with their own distinct lived experiences and perspectives. We promise to welcome you as you are. We also expect that same cordiality to be extended to anyone you interact with in the online spaces that are hosted by us. Presume positive intent. View people with unconditional positive regard.

Our services naturally tend to attract folks from the outer edges of society who otherwise might not commingle in the same real or virtual spaces. Every person here must know they are safe to be themselves, and must extend this protection to their fellow participants, even those whose perspective is on the opposite end of societal beliefs.

The focus of these online spaces (Cocoon Wellness and Birth Center on Facebook, @cocoon_wellness_birth on Instagram, and our website is to communicate about the supportive network that Cocoon provides for our community members, primarily in-person services like midwifery, well care, and support groups. We recognize that families are required to make important personal decisions during the childbearing years, and that many families will passionately defend the decisions they have made. However, Cocoon social media will not host discussions on topics that frequently become contentious. Examples include abortion, circumcision, and the decision whether or not to vaccinate. We reserve the right to delete any comment that is not aligned with our community values, including those which disparage any individual based on unalterable characteristics of their being. For instance, any commentary which is racist, ableist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic will not be tolerated and will be deleted on sight. Our core value is "love"; we always want to circle back to that which promotes love and healing.

We are unable to provide individualized medical advice online. Please contact your healthcare provider directly for healthcare concerns. Along those same lines, keep your personal information safe. We strongly discourage you from sharing personal information, such as your phone, address, or e-mail address in public forums including any social media platform we maintain. Whether you are currently a client of Midwife Jen or if you are hoping to become one, she can best serve you in a scheduled appointment. We value your time and we appreciate your sensitivity to the intense demands of on-call work, in understanding that e-mail is the best way to contact Cocoon Wellness and Birth Center and the quickest response time is prioritized for clients who are in labor or who have other urgent healthcare needs.

Please do not promote your business, sell items, or conduct business in our community spaces. If you would like to promote an event and are unsure if it falls within our guidelines, please contact us at If you would like to collaborate, please send us an e-mail to reach out. We believe in abundance, and that working together is the best way to support our community.